All pharmacies are different and what some will pay for, others won't. This all depends on the type of booking and where the pharmacy is, below we shed a bit more light.

Standard Locum Shifts 

A standard locum shift is one which spans over one or more days but is within commuting distance from where you live. For these shifts, some pharmacies pay mileage and some don't...

Pharmacies that pay milage

  • On average you can expect around £0.28 per mile travelled if you are using your own car (this varies from company to company).
  • Depending on the shift, some pharmacies will offer full milage payment and others will only offer it after a particular distances has been travelled - typically this is around 30 miles.
  • If you do not use your own car, most of these pharmacies will also pay for public transport costs, however you must keep your receipts for these costs.

Pharmacies that don't pay milage

  • If the pharmacy doesn't pay you for mileage directly, don't worry - you can claim money back during your tax return. 

How do I claim? 

  • If you are using your own car then the pharmacy will provide you with a mileage form to fill in. Please request this from the pharmacy when you arrive for your shift.
  • If a pharmacy doesn't pay mileage you can still claim the costs back for travelling by car because you are self employed. HRMC will pay £0.45 per mile travelled so please keep a log of this and add this to your self assessment tax return. 
  • If you didn't drive to your shifts but took public transport, you can also claim for these from HMRC, please keep all receipts and add them to your self assessment tax return.

Block Bookings

Sometimes for a block booking, in an area with very few pharmacists, pharmacies may offer travel expenses for both mileage and accomodation. For the mileage expenses please see above. 

Pharmacies that pay for alternative transport

  • In the event that your block booking is in a remote location that would take too long to travel by car, the pharmacy will pay for alternative transport outside of public transport. This can include; trains, flights or even a hovercraft - no, we're not even joking! 

How do I claim? 

  • Make sure you keep your receipts for any of these expenses and please request a expenses form from the pharmacy when you arrive for your shift, this can be submitted along with your invoice. 

Now that's all cleared up, time to get applying for some shifts...

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