The more attractive a shift is, the more likely you are to get applications. So when advertising shifts, bare in mind that the rate isn't the only thing that matters - other supplements such as milage allowance will also entice more applicants. 

There are two ways you can add this information. 

Option 1
If it is something you offer for all your shifts (i.e. milage allowance) then put this information in the branch notes. To do this;

  • Go to your my account page
  • Then go to the my branches page
  • Select a branch and click the edit button
  • Add the information into the branch notes section
  • Hit save
  • Repeat for each branch (if necessary)

Option 2

If you are only wanting to offer additional benefits (such as increased rate if MURs are completed) then do the following when posting a shift;

  • Click on the date that you would like to post
  • Click on the orange drafted shift
  • When the modal appears, add the information into the addition information field
  • Click save and then publish your shift

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