We try and give the locum as much information about the shift as possible before they turn up to the pharmacy and there are two ways in which we do this. 

Firstly, locums can see the notes that you leave about the shift before applying. So we would encourage you to let the locum know at this point if there is anything expected of them (i.e. MURs to be completed etc).

Adding this information about a shift is easy, so when you posting your shifts simply...

  • Click on the date that you would like to post
  • Click on the orange drafted shift
  • When the modal appears, add the information into the addition information field
  • Click save and then publish your shift.

Lastly, once a locum is booked - they are encouraged (where possible) to call the branch at least 48 hours before the shift for a handover. This gives both you and the locum the opportunity to ask any questions and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day. 

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