Clicking the verify email link will navigate you to your profile page.

Or click the “My Profile” link in the nav bar.

There are 3 sections that must be completed before you can start applying for jobs, your personal details, professional details and your essential documents.
These essential sections are noted by a flashing red dot in the top right corner of the sidebar tabs. This flashing dot will disappear once that tab has been completed.

The other sections should be completed to help increase your application success. The progress bar at the top of the page will disappear once your profile has been fully completed.

Click on each tab in the left side bar and complete each section of your profile. All changes must be saved by clicking the “Save Changes” button on the bottom right of the page.

Note: You will lose any unsaved changes.

The essential documents page requires the upload of 3 documents, your DBS check, indemnity insurance and photo ID. Click the upload button in the actions column to upload a photo of each of these documents from your desktop. You can view or delete an upload after.

If you need any help with this section, need more information on where to get a DBS check or want to request a DBS check, please click on the buttons in the ads below the essential documents upload table.

Once a section has been completed and saved, this completion will be reflected with a tick in the progress bar.

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