Hover over your avatar on the right of the nav bar. Select the “Notification Settings” page.

Note: The address on your profile page is used to calculate relevant expenses. This is not used to set the location of your job searches.

Click the add location button. From this page you can set default locations for your job search and also set alert emails for areas.

Start typing in the location input box, select from the list of suggestions that appear. 

Note: You must select a location from the list, if you type freehand without making a selection, it will not be able to connect the coordinates of your location to the job search, consequently, you will not be able to view jobs in that area by default.

Move the slider to set the radius. This will show jobs from a set radius around the area you have stated. If you don’t mind the option of travelling a little further, move the slider further up to.

Check or uncheck the alert emails tick box to set whether you receive notifications about new shifts in your set locations.

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