Navigate to “Locum Jobs” in the nav bar. 

Your featured jobs is the first thing you will see. This page is a selection of jobs based on your locations (see section 4 on how to add locations to your job search).

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for jobs, select from the list of location suggestions that appear. 

Note: This is not a freehand typing box, by not selecting from the list, it will not show you the correct number of jobs in an area, if any at all. It will not be able to connect coordinates to the location searched.

When you have clicked search, a bar will appear where you can adjust the parameters of your search. 

Search within set dates, search for certain days of the week (for example only show me weekend shifts), and set a min rate on your search. 

The key on the right, hover over the “WB” and “New” shapes to view an explanation of these two flags. WB - means you have worked at this branch before. And new simply means this shift has just been posted.

You can use the “sort by” dropdown to arrange your results however you like. You can sort your results to show highest rates first for example.

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