Navigate to “Locum Jobs” in the nav bar. 

Click the “view” button on the shift you would like to apply for (see section 5 for job search view).

Here you will see an overview of the shift, you will see the details on the shift including any additional notes that may be useful for the applicant to know, if the pharmacy has added any.

Click apply in the actions column to apply for the shift.

Go to your diary (see section 7) or your shifts page (see section 8) to view your applications and shifts.

The section at the bottom shows if that branch has posted any other shifts. 

You may wish to apply for multiple shifts at a branch to save hopping around branches as much. Employers also look favourably on multiple applications, it’s easier for them to book one person into several shifts. So if you apply for more than one shift at a branch, you are likely to win more than one shift.

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