Go to “My Diary” in your nav bar.

This diary page is where you keep track of your locum life. Input all shifts, even those booked outside the system so you can keep an accurate track of when you’re working and so your income can be correctly calculated.

Click the “Click Me +” link to open quick instructions on how to fill in your diary. Click the “Click Me +” link to close the instructions panel again.

Once you’re confident in using your diary, click the “x” on the right of this panel to close the instructions forever, you’ll not see this panel again.

The key at the bottom of your diary is there to explain the colour coding used to make when you’re working easier to see at a glance.

Use the month picker at the top of your diary grid to change the month in view, you can plan as far ahead as you like. 

Click on any cell in your diary to create an event. This will open a modal where you can select what you are doing on that day.

Edit your start and end date. 

Top Tip: you can block out a longer length of time (such as a holiday) by changing the end date to another day. It’s much quicker than having to add every day individually.

Choose the type of event you want to add from the dropdown list. Add any notes about a shift, these notes are for your own information.

If “working elsewhere” is chosen as the event, this will insert a few additional fields to fill in. 

Click the add location link to add details of where your shift is. Add the shift start and end time and your hourly rate. 

Top Tip: by adding the time and rate to a shift you are working elsewhere, your diary will automatically work out what you are being paid for that shift and will add it into your invoice total. So this total will always accurately represent your earnings.

Any draft events are shown in orange, these events are not yet saved to your diary and will be lost if they are not saved. Click the “save changes” button to save any edits made to your diary. 

This “save changes” button will remain disabled until an edit (in orange) is made.

Any shifts that are applied for through the Locate a Locum system will be shown in blue, all details about these shifts will automatically be input into your diary as soon as you apply for a shift.

Any shifts that you are booked for will change from the blue application status to a green booked status. The amount earned from this booked shift is automatically added to your invoice total.

View how many shifts you have applied for, how many shifts you are working and your total earnings for that month, in the callout boxes at the top of the page.

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