Go to “My Shifts” in the nav bar.

This page is an alternative to the diary page, where you can keep track of the status of all shifts booked through Locate a Locum.

The booked shifts tab shows your upcoming shifts. Click the view button in the actions column to view further details about each shift, such as the branch address.

The applications tab shows you all the shifts you have applied for, and are waiting to hear back from. These shifts have not yet been filled. 

Once these shifts have been filled, they will either disappear from the applications tab if you have not been successful. Or they will move to be visible in your booked shifts tab as one of your now upcoming shifts.

Clicking the “view” button on an applied shift will show you the status of your application in the actions column of the shift overview page.

The completed tab shows you a history of all your previously worked shifts. Look back on any shift, a full record is kept here.

Clicking the “view” button will show the shift overview page where you can see all the details for that previously worked shift.

At the point you have been booked for a shift, you can click into the shift overview page to cancel the shift and to add expenses (see section 9).

The final tab will display any cancellations that you have made. 

This track is automatically added as soon as the cancellation is made. There are no exceptions.

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