Go to “My Shifts” in the nav bar. Click the “View” button on any booked or completed shift.

This will bring up the shift overview page.

The top section houses the shift details, under which are the shifts notes.

You can add expenses to your shifts. Expenses such as for mileage, public transport, parking and no break.

Expenses added here are a requested expense only, they will be approved or rejected by the RHM or Locum coordinator. Please upload a photo of any receipts in support of your expense applications.

Some expense types have restrictions based on the policies of that branch.

For example, mileage is automatically calculated, so if it’s not auto-added, it is likely you don’t qualify for mileage reimbursement. Mileage is only offered after the first 40 miles. The mileage value picker will be disabled if you do not meet requirements.

*Note: please fill in your address on your profile page or mileage cannot be calculated.

Public transport and parking are only offered up to a max of £10.

Click the “Add Expense” button at the bottom of the page to save and submit your expense to head office for review.

Added expenses can be viewed from their own table under the pharmacy notes. Using the actions column you can edit or delete your expense.

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