You can post your gaps in two ways, either by:

  1. Posting to your calendar
  2. Uploading gaps in bulk 

If ‘upload spreadsheet’ is chosen, you will be redirected to that page.

If ‘calendar view’ is chosen, follow the remaining steps to choose the position and branch.

Post gaps to your calendar:

Job role and branch can be changed using the dropdown menus at the top of the page.

All gaps are colour coded to make it clear which gaps have been filled and which are still live.

New (orange), are draft gaps which still need to be published to go live.

Use the back and next buttons to move between months. Click the today button to jump to today’s date.

Click on a date cell to add a gap on that date.

When clicked, the default values for that branch will automatically populate the shift to make adding gaps quick and simple (see section 14 for how to set default opening times and rate for that position and day).

Click publish to post this gap if you do not need to make any alterations.

To alter the gap click on the unpublished shift (in orange as a new shift).

The modal which appears allows you to edit the details of your gap, including noting if the shift includes a break. 

Save or delete the gap from this modal. Note, changes will not be applied if save if not clicked.


You can add as many shifts as you like before clicking publish.

The orange colour of these new shifts (your gaps) means these shifts are in draft mode, they are not posted live to your locums until publish is clicked.

Upload gaps:

This method of posting gaps enables you to upload your gaps in bulk, with one click.

Some prefer to view their gaps on a spreadsheet which can be sent on to other agencies.

Download the required template spreadsheet, this template must be used or your gaps won’t be correctly uploaded to the system.

Use the example for guidance on how to fill out the template.

Use the appropriate letter code for the gap job type. Only this letter code will be accepted in this column. For example, you must type ‘P’ rather than pharmacist. 

Note: Typing anything other than the letter codes will result in your gaps not uploading to the system correctly.

Once you have finished filling in your gaps, save the file somewhere on your computer. 

Click the upload file button to select your file.

Click ‘Publish My Gaps’ to publish all the gaps in the selected file live, at the same time.

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