Navigate to the ‘shifts’ page in the nav bar. The shifts page houses all the information about your shifts, past, present and future.

Live and applications, are shifts which haven’t yet been booked.

Live shifts are those shifts which are posted live, shifts here may or may not have applicants, it lists all open shifts.

The applicants tab in orange is your action tab, shifts in this tab have applicants and therefore can be solved to fill your gaps.

The booked tab shows all upcoming shifts, including who is currently working.

The worked tab provides a history of all previously worked shifts. Use the filters to only show the previously worked shifts in the last month for example.

Bulk actions feature:

A feature on the shifts page is the bulk actions menu. Activate this by selecting shifts.

You can export shifts (in the form of a spreadsheet), or send your shifts to other agencies directly, without having to download your shifts first (see section 11 on how to add agencies). 

These functions are especially useful for live shifts - update your agencies about any ongoing live shifts with the click of a button.

You can also delete shifts in bulk if required.

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