Click the tabs to choose your view, you have a weekly rota view and a gap management list view.

Weekly view will let you view the weekly rota for all staff in that store.

The gaps list view is a full list of every gap you have at this moment in time in that store.

In the weekly rota view, to add a shift on that date for that member of staff, click on any of the cells which have a plus icon.

Dates are listed in columns across the page. 

Staff are listed vertically down the page, so each row, is the rota for that individual. By clicking on a cell in that row, you are assigning a shift to that individual on that particular date.

Clicking a cell will open this modal. From here, using the tabs at the top of the modal, choose what you would like to assign to that employee, a shift or leave.

Employees can add their own leave (submit a leave request) or you can do it as shown here, on their behalf. 

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