Choose your branch.

All submitted leave requests will be listed here for you to approve or decline.

All approved leave is called out in a seperate tab. Approved leave can still be declined at this point if needed.

The final statistic shows who is off in the upcoming week.

Search by name or registration number to filter results.

This page allows you to view all your payments. Each stage of the automated process is broken down into tabs.

Click the ‘view payment’ button to go to the shift overview page where you can approve or decline shift expenses. Approved shifts will move into the approved shift tab ready for payment (see section 23 for how to approve expenses).

Shifts to be approved tab:

This tab shows all the shifts that have been worked but whose shift and expenses haven’t yet been approved. Expenses, including the expense of the shift itself, must be approved before it will move into the approved shifts tab.

Approved shift tab:

This tab shows how much is pending payment. Use the filters to show what is pending payment this week, this month etc.

Once a shift and expenses have been approved, it will move into this tab. It is then automatically added to your weekly bacs run, ready to be paid.

In this example, there are no shifts going out for payment this week.

Use the filters to make viewing easier, for example, filter your approved payments by branch.

Paid tab:

The paid tab, is a history of all shifts that have been paid. Use this page to reference when and how much a locum has been paid. 

The time filter is defaulted to show payments made in the last 30 days. However, you can change this to show all, to see a full history of all previously paid shifts.

Note: If you set the filter to all, there may be a lot of shifts, so it could take a bit of time to load.

Pending expenses tab:

This tab shows all locum requested expenses. Any expenses added by you, the employer, are auto approved since they are added by management. 

However, if a locum submits an expense (such as for parking or mileage etc). This will be visible as an outstanding expense in this tab. 

Click the view shift button to see an overview of the shift and where you can then approve or decline the expense.

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