How do I qualify for locum rewards?

Work More, Get More!

Once you win 10+ shifts in 3 months and you’ll be added to our community platform and gain access to thousands of offers, discounts and treats in a whole host of high street and online stores. 

You will receive an email telling you that you have now qualified for Locum Rewards. You will also be invited to Locate a Locum's closed community Facebook group where you can interact with likeminded Pharmacy professionals.

How do I register for the rewards platform?

Getting started

Once you have qualified for Locum Rewards you will be asked visit and register with the same email address you use for Locate a Locum  which will have already added to the Staff Treats Platform.

The first time you visit staff treats you will have to register to the portal. Click on the “Register” button/link, enter your work email address, select your password and get access to the portal. Is that easy!

Discounts, include:

  • Cinema tickets - Up to 57% off

  • Apple Store – up to 10% off

  • Expedia – up to 10% off hotel bookings

  • Hotpoint – up to 30% off + extra 15% off

  • House of Fraser – 10% off

  • Debenhams – 10% off

  • Marks & Spencer – 8% off  

  • EE – up to 20% off

  • Cinema tickets - Up to 57% off 

Shopping Cards, include:

  • Sainsbury's – 5% off

  • Currys – 8% off

  • Argos – 5% off

  • Asos – 7% off

I can no longer access the rewards platform?

There may be a few reasons why you can no longer access Rewards - once reason might be because you have no been actively working through Locate a Locum (you have to work 10 shifts through Locate a Locum in the past 90 days to be eligible) 

If you think you ave been active but can no longer access the platform then email 

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