1. Navigate to 'Leave' on the main navigation tab

2. Here you will land on a page with two tabs 'My Leave' & 'Staff Leave'

  • The 'My Leave' tab will show your own personal Holiday Balance with the ability to filter by status: Pending, Approved, and Rejected. As well as the option to open date ranges

3. The second tab 'Staff Leave' is where, as an employer, you will manage all staff leave requests.

  • To approve pending leave Requests simply click the 'Manage' button to the right of the request. This will create the below pop-up with details of the request

  • As Leave Manager, here you can adjust the hours, Leave Type, Affected Balance or set the Status (shown below)

  • There is also the ability to see any other staff also off on the requested day

  • Click Approve and this removed the Pending Request, notifies the employee and updates relevant balances.

Submit Leave on Behalf of an Employee

This feature allows employers/Leave Managers to submit leave on behalf of an employee. This could be useful in a number of scenarios - fo instance if an employee was incapacitated.

  1. Simply Navigate to an employee using the drop-down menu under the 'Employee' tab

2. Once on the employee click the 'Request Leave for Employee' button

3. This then populates the step-by-step leave booking process

4. You can automatically approve these requests (as they are created by the Leave Manager/Employer) by setting the status to 'Approved'

5. This is then reflected on the employees Holiday Balance

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