1. Navigate to 'Leave' on the main navigation tab

2. Here you will land on a page with two tabs 'My Leave' & 'Staff Leave'

  • The 'My Leave' tab will show your own personal Holiday Balance with the ability to filter by status: Pending, Approved, and Rejected. As well as the option to open date ranges

3. The second tab 'Staff Leave' is where, as an employer, you will manage all staff leave requests.

  • Here you will have the ability to filter by date, status (Pending, Approved, and Rejected) as well as by specific employees
  • Requests will also be colour coded for ease:

Green = Approved

Red = Rejected

Yellow = Pending

4. When submitting leave employees will be able to specify date ranges, hours and the type of leave (eg Paid). This will all be displayed at a glance on the leave submission card (below)

5. Employers can manage the details (Holiday Leave Allowances, Leave Periods) of Leave via the 'Leave Manager' section found by clicking the 'cog' icon on the main menu.

  • This section is also split in to two tabs. 'General Settings' & 'Bulk Add Absences'

- 'Bulk Add Absences' is where employers can add absences that are applicable to all employees (eg Christmas Day)

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