Once you log into your profile, you will need to navigate to the ‘People’ tab located on the top left-hand side of the below screenshot.

Once you select the ‘People’ tab the following screen will appear:

On this screen you will note the ability to search for the user you wish to delete by ‘Name/ Email’ & ‘User Type’:

You’ll also note the ability to add additional filters by selecting the ‘+ Add Filter’ option to display the following additional filterable options:

Once you have located the user who you wish to delete then select the tick box located on the left of the users name.

Once you have ticked the relevant tick box, select the green ‘Options’ button which will reveal the option to ‘Delete employee(s)’ as shown below:

Whenever you have selected the option to ‘Delete Employee(s)’ the following screen will appear:

At this stage, you will select the green ‘Yes’ button to confirm that you wish to delete the user.

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