Who administers the test?

The test is self-administered. An HEE instruction video and written instructions,

including on interpretation of results, are available for staff to learn to self administer their test. Click here for more information on this.

Should I continue testing after I’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes, you should continue to test even though you might have had the vaccine.

How frequently should I be tested?

You should test yourself twice weekly every three to four days to fit with shift

patterns and leave requirements; for example, Wednesday and Sunday, or

Monday and Thursday. You should be asked to perform the test before attending work, leaving enough time before the start of your shift to alert your employer who may need to arrange cover, should your lateral flow test be positive.

What should I do with the used test kits?

You can safely dispose of the test items in your normal household waste but please pour any residual buffer solution away first.

If I am already regularly being tested through existing regimes – such as participation in COVID-19 studies – should this be replaced by lateral flow tests?

If you are already enrolled in another testing regime, this should not be replaced by the lateral flow tests unless agreed by your organisation. If you are participating in research studies where the frequency of testing is not weekly (e.g. monthly) you should undertake twice-weekly LFD self-testing.

Will this testing regime remove the need for me to self-isolate if I have been exposed to a positive Covid-19 case?

No. Government self-solation advice should be followed at all times. This test

does not remove the need to self-isolate.

What happens if I get a positive result?

You should inform your manager or co-ordinator of a positive result in the normal way. You should arrange a confirmatory PCR test via the established testing routes. You

and your household should self-isolate as set out in government guidance HERE.

Can the period of isolation following contact tracing be shortened through use of this testing?

No. A 10 day isolation following notification that a staff member has been in close

contact with a COVID-19 case without relevant PPE should be followed as per

Test and Trace advice. Please refer to government guidance here.

How do I obtain a test kit as a Locum?

If you are a locum pharmacist, you can obtain these test kits by asking the pharmacy owner/manager at the pharmacy you most frequently locum with.

Where should any of my additional enquiries be directed?

For any additional information, please email questions to england.covid-LFD@nhs.net

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