Before your shift

Before applying for Lloyds shifts locums must confirm they have an approved venloc account, if not we can request details to be sent for you - please request registration with Lloyds by emailing

Document requirements for Venloc are as follows:

Generally they ask that accreditations are from within the last 2 years

Dementia Friends
Flu Jab - where applicable
MUR (Medicine Usage Review) – England and Wales only - this is under review due to upcoming changes ~March 2021
NMS (Needle Medicine Usage Review - England and Wales only
Safeguarding Level 2 - England and Wales only
Sepsis Accreditations - England Only
Infection Prevention and Control criterion (Level 2) - England Only
Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) - England Only
Suicide Awareness (Optional) - England Only
Weight Management - England Only
CPPE Risk Management Training - England Only
NESA Accreditation - Wales Only
NADEX Code - Wales Only
NHS Smart Card - England and Wales only
Indemnity Insurance – England/ Wales / Scotland/ Ireland
GPhC Number- England/ Wales/ Scotland
DBS - England & Wales only
PVG - Scotland only
Proof of address dated within the last 3 months (eg bank statement)
Copy of your passport, both the front cover and Photo page
Right to Work (Visa / Biometric residence permit / EU Settled status) if applicable

Once this application is completed, locums should contact Locate a Locum so that we can notify Lloyds that the new locum profile needs to be approved.

After your shift - Getting Paid

With Lloyds payment is automatic, locums need to ensure that their Venloc account and Locate a Locum account match to ensure no double bookings or errors.

  • No invoice required

  • Payments will be processed via BACS within 14 days


Please complete Locum Dispenser setup form (Link), and email to @Locum Claims Mailbox (

Once received by Lloyds setup will take roughly a week and when setup the Locum will then be provided with an LD number (Locum Dispenser) for accessing the EMTA system.

EMTA is the platform used for dispensers to access things such as their pay, shifts worked ect.

Payment queries

Depending on the query, Locums can contact either the Helpdesk on 0333 577 2155 or the Lloyds rota team on 0247 6625 205.

If the query is regarding a missing or late payment, please contact the Helpdesk.

If the query is regarding the rate or the amount paid, please contact the rota team.

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