At Locate a Locum we have put together these easy-to-follow checklists and advice for getting registered and getting paid by the pharmacy multiples we work with. This article contains information on working with Asda, Boots, Lloyds, Well, Superdrug, Rowlands and Day Lewis.

Getting started with Asda

In order to work as a locum with ASDA, you must register with ASDA directly and provide them with a copy of your documentation.

Before booking shifts

You must complete your Venloc sign up at the link below and use the system they use to add accreditations and bank details to your profile.

When you have completed your venloc application please send us a message to confirm, we will inform the Asda team of the completion. You will then receive an email from the Asda team for a 10 minute zoom meet for a right to work check.

You MUST have the following documents to complete the zoom call:
UK/EU Passport
Right to work documents (if applicable)
Enhanced DBS/PVG/Access NI

You will then receive confirmation from Asda when your account is active.

**Payments will be processed within 30 days of working your shift**

Getting started with Day Lewis

Before your shift


After your shift - Getting Paid

  • A Locum Claim form (here) will be required and should be sent to asap after your shift, within 24 hours.

  • Payment is processed via BACS on the last working weekday of each month - payment will be received into your account within the first 3-5 working weekdays of the next month.

Getting started with Rowlands

Before your shift (England)

In order to complete your registration with Rowland's, you will need to complete and return the forms below, and send them to and cc. in

The following accreditations are also required:

  • MUR

  • NMS

  • Smart card

  • Safeguarding Level 2

  • Dementia Friends

  • Flu (if applicable)

  • SCR

  • MediPAC / PilPouch training - Completed in branch

I will email Rowland's to get you set up, and you will receive details in an email with instructions for completing MediPAC & PilPouch, these are completed in the branch during your shift. Once complete, sign the declaration they provide and email it with the certificates to

From Monday 10th May they will no longer be processing claims via the old-style claim form, instead, they will have a brand new automated system ‘webexpenses’

CLICK HERE for a document to help you.


Please complete / return the forms below to

The following accreditations are also required:

  • Smoking Cessation

  • PCR – Pharmacy Care Records (falls in with Pharmacy first, so if you complete the details on the last point below)

  • Yellow Card

  • Pharmacy First Training - this can be completed here:

Once you have completed Pharmacy First, please complete/return the Pharmacy First training declaration to

After your shift - Getting Paid

Please send a Self Employed Claim Form form to /

Payment turnaround is 10-14 days, the cut-off for payroll is every Friday, with payment processed the following Tuesday.

Getting started with Superdrug

Before your shift

  • Please ensure your Locate a Locum profile is updated, including bank details

  • Level 2 safeguarding vulnerable adults and children is required

  • A locum smartcard is required

After your shift - Getting Paid

  • Superdrug payments will be processed via BACS within 14 days - you do not need to leave an invoice, as long as your bank details are updated on your profile Superdrug can pay you.

You will receive remittance advice via email on a Tuesday and the payment will reach your account by end of business on the Friday of that week. If any issues with payment please get in touch with Superdrug Operations Team in Head Office 0330 060 3000 select opt 3 then 2 or 3 (whichever is applicable)

Getting started with Well


Well accreditation and forms should be sent to


Before your shift

Please complete and sign by hand the 4 forms below, then please see Accreditations required:

Accreditations required:

  • Enhanced DBS (Must be on the DBS update service)

  • DBS update service screenshot - this must show the renewal date of your update service subscription

  • Level 2 Safeguarding vulnerable adults and children - MUST be dated within 2 years

  • Dementia Friends

  • Repeat Dispensing

  • Smart Card

  • MUR

  • NMS

  • ​Flu jab where applicable

Northern Ireland & Scotland

Before your shift

Locums need to ensure they have completed the following (Completed by hand):

Locums also need to send/upload the following (Completed by hand):

  • MUR (For Northern Ireland)

  • Smoking cessation (Scotland)


Before your shift

Locums need to ensure they have completed the following (Completed by hand):

After your shift - Getting Paid

  • No invoice required

  • Payment processed via BACS within 14 days

  • All your relevant documentation needs to be with Well for payment to occur within this timeframe.

For ANY Well travel expenses etc, please email this form: Expense form to (please cc within 6 weeks of the shift, otherwise expenses will not be paid.

All Locums must also download the following APPS:

Quinyx - this is to complete your registration, alongside the relevant forms and accreditations below.

Webexpenses - this is to record expenses

Please contact for more information on the details required for the apps.

WELL - Technicians and Dispensers

Before your shift

Locums need to ensure they have completed the following (Completed by hand):

  • GDPR Declaration Form

  • Locum Contract

  • New starter form Tech and Disp

  • Make sure your CV that is up-to-date, with any gaps explained. Well will not accept registration/bookings if working with a rival company, these will be rejected.

  • 2 x References – these must be written references, sourced by you and they must be from your most recent roles. Preferably from 2 different employers.

  • DISP only: PA (NVQ2) Certificate – If not combined, then a copy of the Medicines Counter Assistant or Healthcare Counter Assistant certificate must also be provided. A breakdown of modules covered/completed must also be provided.

  • TECH only: PT (NVQ3) Certificate - A breakdown of modules covered/completed must also be provided.

  • TECH only: Valid and current GPHC registration

  • TECH only: Current and Valid police clearance for the region you wish to work in: England/Wales - Enhanced DBS - Must be recent if not on the update service Scotland - PVG Membership is preferred northern Ireland - Enhanced Access NI

Getting started with Lloyds

Before your shift

Before applying for Lloyds shifts locums must confirm they have an approved Venloc account, if not we can request details to be sent for you - please request registration with Lloyds by emailing

Document requirements for Venloc are as follows:

Generally, they ask that accreditations are from within the last 2 years

  • Dementia Friends

  • Flu Jab - where applicable

  • MUR (Medicine Usage Review) – England and Wales only - this is under review due to upcoming changes ~March 2021

  • NMS (Needle Medicine Usage Review - England and Wales only

  • Safeguarding Level 2 - England and Wales only

  • Sepsis Accreditations - England Only

  • Infection Prevention and Control criterion (Level 2) - England Only

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) - England Only

  • Suicide Awareness (Optional) - England Only

  • Weight Management - England Only

  • CPPE Risk Management Training - England Only

  • NESA Accreditation - Wales Only

  • NADEX Code - Wales Only

  • NHS Smart Card - England and Wales only

  • Indemnity Insurance – England/ Wales / Scotland/ Ireland

  • GPhC Number- England/ Wales/ Scotland

  • DBS - England & Wales only

  • PVG - Scotland only

  • Proof of address dated within the last 3 months (eg bank statement)

  • Copy of your passport, both the front cover and Photo page

  • Right to Work (Visa / Biometric residence permit / EU Settled status) if applicable

Once this application is completed, locums should contact Locate a Locum so that we can notify Lloyds that the new locum profile needs to be approved.

Locum Dispensers

Please sign up to Venloc using this link

After your shift - Getting Paid

With Lloyds payment being automatic, locums need to ensure that their Venloc account and Locate a Locum account match to ensure no double bookings or errors.

  • No invoice required

  • Payments will be processed via BACS within 14 days

Payment queries

Depending on the query, Locums can contact either the Helpdesk on 0333 577 2155 or the Lloyds rota team on 0247 6625 205.

If the query is regarding a missing or late payment, please contact the Helpdesk.

If the query is regarding the rate or the amount paid, please contact the rota team.

Getting started with Boots

Before your shift

You must be able to provide DMS (Discharge Medicine Service) - England only

You must be registered on the DBS update service - England only

You must be able to provide CPCS - England only

Your smartcard must have Locum & SCR access - England only

Flu Jab accreditation may be required

Store Check-in

Full details of store check-in can be found here:


Please register here: - If you can send us a screenshot once you have completed this step. DO NOT APPLY for Boots shifts unless you have completed this step.

After you complete your registration with you will be sent a link internally from Boots to set up a new vendor account for payment.

You must keep your account updated, as it could affect your future Boots applications.

**Your vendor number will be sent straight to you via email from Boots rather than coming through ourselves as we have no involvement in the registration process. If you need/want any updates on your registration status you MUST contact Boots directly on the following email address - Please be patient this can take up to 3 weeks to complete if there are no issues or delays.**

Amend your payment account

Please visit this link if you wish to amend your payment account details (you will require your Boots vendor number) - this step only applies once you have been set up: Locum Pharmacist Amendment Form


Please leave an invoice in store - Invoice template

The form MUST be fully and accurately completed.

Payment is generally made within 14 days of the shift, payroll runs every Tuesday, with payslip received on Wednesday and payment on Friday.

For Scotland queries, please see below (any queries regarding the rest of the UK, please contact the branch you worked in, if this cannot resolve your issue contact

Other expenses including travel time***, parking and public transport will not normally be paid unless previously agreed. All mileage, travel time and parking claims will be validated before processing. A receipt must be submitted for any of these claims or they will not be processed.

In the email you send clearly state in the subject "Invoice confirmation <date of invoiced shift>".

Please send any receipts, authorisation for any extra values / amounts or queries to the following mailbox:

Invoices will be processed as soon as possible. As per terms and conditions, Boots have twenty (20) working days of receipt of a valid claim to make payment in the first instance. Bank Holidays will also impact the timeline and should be taken into consideration before querying a submitted invoice. Please wait the stated time before querying any outstanding submitted forms. Any queries before this time has passed will not be investigated.

*** If the confirmation email is not provided for any extras the claim will be processed without them and cannot be added at a later date.

For Locums offering the NHS England Pharmacy Influenza Vaccination PGD in a Boots store:

• You must complete the Practitioner declaration on the PGD. You must sign a copy of the PGD at each store where you work

• You must take evidence of training and additional requirements (as detailed on page 5 of the PGD) to each store in which you work, including a copy of your Declaration of Competence

• The evidence must be shown to the Authorising Manager (Store Manager/local Store Manager/Area Manager as per guidelines we give for our Boots pharmacists)

• The Authorising Manager must 'sign you off' as being suitably trained and competent to work under the PGD and this copy of the PGD must be kept in the store.

• You must also leave a copy of your Declaration of Competence 'statement of declaration' in the store and this must be attached to the PGD you have signed.

Once the above has been completed, the locum pharmacist can start vaccinating

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