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How do I get A Smart Card?

Smart Card

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A locum pharmacist smart card is a tool that allows locum pharmacists, or relief pharmacists, to work in various locations and pharmacies and have access to that site’s EPS.

You can obtain a smart card by contacting your Local Registration Authority. You can do so through your local NHS Team. You should keep in regular contact with your Registration Authority to ensure that your smart card remains registered with the relevant pharmacies, in the relevant areas.

There are intermittent technology and software updates on EPS, so regular contact with your LRA ensures that your card is up to date.

In order to obtain one there will be 3 stages; 

  1. A sponsor (pharmacy) will make request to the RA to register you with their pharmacy onto the system.

  2. The Registration Authority carry out an identity check

  3. The Registration Authority issue a smart card

In order to get your smart card activated for the first time the Registration Authority may need to carry out a site visit and activate your card.

How can Locate a Locum support me?

If you need an email confirming that you are registered with Locate a Locum, please let us know. We would just need you to send the following information:

Full name
Smartcard number
Email address for local RA

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