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What accreditations do I need to work as a locum?

What accreditations you can upload on our system and how it will help you win more shifts.

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Once you've registered on the Locate a Locum system you will need to upload some documents onto the system, your documents come in two categories; 

  1. Essential Documents

  2. Accreditations

Your accreditations can come in many different forms, but by adding these to your profile you will increase your likelihood of being booked by up to 50% - but why? 

Every pharmacy is different but all of them prefer to have as much experience from a locum as they can, the reason for this is because the more services the pharmacy can provide - the better they can look after their patients. Showcasing your experience through the additional accreditations that you have will therefore make you more appealing to the pharmacy.

Accreditations vary from region to region, so we currently support the most common types across the UK market. 

Accreditations you can upload 

  • Level 2 Safeguarding

  • Dementia Friend Training

  • MUR

  • NMS

  • Smart Card

  • EHC

  • Repeat Dispensing

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Summary Care Records

  • Flu Jab

  • Right to Work

More information on these can be found in the Documents and Accreditations section.

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