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What is an MUR Accreditation?

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A Medicine Use Review (MUR) is an advanced service offered by pharmacies in the United Kingdom. It is part of the current contract pharmacies hold with the NHS. An MUR is an opportunity for patients to discuss their medicines with a qualified pharmacist. An MUR is a free NHS service that is held in a private consultation room at a local pharmacy. 

It is not meant to replace the role of the general practitioner but rather provide:

  • A review of all medicines to see if there is any overlapping or interactions

  • Give extra information on what medicines are for

  • Discuss side effects of medicines

  • Identify problems associated with medicines

The introduction of pharmacists into GP surgeries means that the practice pharmacists can do more to ensure that reviews are carried out where necessary.

Why do I need to be accredited for MUR?
Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) are a part of the Advanced Services of the community pharmacy contract. The aims of this service are to improve patients' knowledge, concordance and use of medicines. This is not a clinical review and therefore Pharmacists wishing to provide this service will need to be accredited to do so. A competency framework has been developed for the assessment of pharmacists providing the MUR service.

How can I get MUR accredited?

There are a number of providers who run courses and/or competency assessments for pharmacists to get accredited to enable them to carry out MURs. Please click below which is best suited to you.

MUR course with assessment

Postgraduate courses which include MUR assessment

Assessments only

I am already MUR accredited, can I begin providing the MUR service?

Once the course is completed, you must send a copy of your certificate to the regional NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) team before you can begin providing the MUR service. You can find these emails here.

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