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Fill Gap with a Relief
Fill Gap with a Relief

How to fill a gap with relief as a coordinator

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Go to your schedule page and select the branch you are looking for using the branch picker on the top left.

Any gaps which require cover will appear in the top row called locum required.

To see or edit the details of the gap, click on the 3 dots on the top right of the gap.

This will open a modal (see below screenshot) where you will see all the details for that shift. 

If you do not wish to book a relief for the shift (see sections, 6, 7 and 8) for details on how to book a locum into a shift.

Click the tab ‘Assign Employee’ to choose a relief to cover this gap.

All of your free relief workers are listed in this tab. These employees are free (according to their rota) to cover this gap. 

They are listed in order of their distance from the store with the gap.

Click the select checkbox on your relief worker of choice and click assign employee. 

This will send the employee a notification to inform them of this schedule change. The gap will then be resolved and the shift will appear in the rota schedule view for that employee.

See section 15 and 16 for how to add a relief job type and also how to then add users with the job type of a relief employee.

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