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This section provides a way to manage your direct locums. 

Direct locums can be booked for free, there is no booking fee and they cannot see shifts from other companies.

Adding your locums to the system means you can view their full profile, including their documents, qualifications and any extra accreditations. You can add private, internal notes on a locum (that only your team can see). You can message a locum and pay them with a full history of shifts.

Click the add locum button to invite a locum to the system.

You can add a locum in one of two ways. By sending an invite directly from the modal this will send that locum an email with the link to sign up.

Or you can choose to copy the link and send this to your locums in whatever manner you like.

A locum can be marked as a direct or agency locum. 

You can mark a locums source when you first send them an invite. 

You can change this source at any time by clicking the view button to open the locums profile and going to the locum source tab (only registered locums will have a profile).

Note: If a locum is marked as an agency locum, we currently do not handle or track any fees to external agencies. 

However, an upcoming feature will run an agency report showing what locums were booked from which agency and therefore what payment is owed.

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