On the shifts to be approved tab on the payment page. Click the view payment button on the shift you would like to look at.

This will take you to the shift overview page, where you will see all details about that shift. Including its status (eg. worked), that locums source (eg. direct) etc.

On the shift overview page you can add internal notes on that locum by clicking into their profile (visible to your company only), you can send them a message, view their documents and more. 

You can also add notes on that shift by clicking the shift note button (publicly visible).

Approve shift expense:

Click the approve shift payment button to approve the shift expense itself for payment.

If you need to alter the start or end time of the shift, you must click the time alteration button. This will allow you to alter the time worked and therefore the amount to be paid to the locum. Depending on the alteration type chosen, the time input will automatically work out the equivalent rate to be added or deducted accordingly.

Add an expense:

Any expenses that are added will appear in this section.

All expenses added by management are auto approved. To add an expense, simply click the add expense link. 

Choose the type of expense you’d like to add, fill in the amount, maybe add a note about that expense, and click save. 

You don’t need to do anything else to this expense, it is automatically approved for payment. 

Once the shift has been approved for payment, everything will be moved into the approved shifts tab on the payment page, ready to be paid out to the locum in the next bacs run.

A locum added expense:

If a locum submits an expense, it will also appear in this section. However, you will need to manually approve these expenses by checking the tick box in the approvals column to select which expense you would like to approve, and then clicking the green approve expense button. 

You can tick more than one expense at a time to approve multiple expenses in one click, or you can approve each one individually. 

You can also view a receipt submitted by the locum in support of their expense claim. If they have not sent a receipt, it will say request in the receipt column rather than view. 

Click request to open that locums profile where you can then send a message requesting a receipt.

You can edit or delete the expense in the same way you can a manager added expense.

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