What shifts are negotiable?

The following rules are designed to predict which shifts should be made negotiable.


  • Any shift that has been created and is starting in the next 30 days

  • It is important to note that the ability to negotiate is at the employer's discretion

How do negotiations take place?

Locum Side

Beside the Apply button on the job shift page, a Negotiate Rate button (both on App & Desktop) will be displayed. Clicking this will open a modal containing the following fields:

  • Proposed Rate (Text Box) - to submit a rate

  • To negotiate, click on a shift and press negotiate (desktop & app version below)

  • If there is the option to negotiate milage this will be displayed

  • This will generate a box where you can input your desired rate

  • App view

How much can be negotiated?

Locums will want to negotiate as high as possible and could potentially submit unrealistic rates. Being able to accurately predict what is a 'fair' rate for that shift will lead to more realistic negotiations, less back and forth and ultimately more bookings. The upper limit for the negotiable rate will be based on the following rules:

  • Each shift will have a max rate but we would encourage locums to negotiate a fair rate

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