What shifts are negotiable?

Employers don't want to negotiate on any shifts but will when they are hard to fill. Locums would love to negotiate on every shift so they get paid more. Therefore the following rules are designed to predict which shifts should be made negotiable based on how urgent the shift and the branches history of negotiations. Rules:

  • Any shift that has been created or republished in the last 3 days and is starting within the next 3 days and the rate is below the maximum rate booked for that store. (Emergencies)
  • Any shift that is in a branch where the locum has worked before for a higher rate and the posted rate is below that rate. (Previous Negotiations)

How much can be negotiated?

Locums will want to negotiate as a high as possible and could potentially submit unrealistic rates which will annoy employers. Being able to accurately predict what is a 'fair' rate for that shift will lead to more realistic negotiations, less back and forth and ultimately more bookings. The upper limit for the negotiable rate will be based on the following rules:

  • The highest booked shift for that branch, rounded up to the nearest pound
  • If the branch has no booked shifts, the highest booked shift for any branches within a 10 miles radius. (If none found the radius will be incrementally extended)

How do negotiations take place?

Locum Side

Beside the Apply button on the job shift page a Negotiate Rate button will be displayed. Clicking this will open a modal containing the following fields:

  • Proposed Rate (Text Box) - to submit a rate
  • Require full mileage checkbox
  • Reason (Text Box) - must be filled out giving a reason why they want a higher rate. (We will inform the user that this message will go straight to the employer therefore profanity will not be tolerated).*

* The notes box must not be used to negotiate shift rates, shifts must be negotiated via the proposed rate text box.*

Employer Side

Employers will receive applications form negotiations as they would with normal applications ie on the shift applications page. However on the profile card we will call out that this application is based on a negotiated rate. They have two options Accept and Decline

  • Accept will update the shift rate based on the negotiated rate and book in the locum
  • Decline will open a modal and allow the employer to type an optional message giving their reason for declining. This message will then be sent to the user where they can either revise their offer or move on.

Will Rate Negotiation encourage more negotiations?

Our data and research shows that over 60% of worked shifts are currently negotiated. The goal of the rate negotiation feature is to cut down on administration time for locums, pharmacies (employers) and Locate a Locum. 

The final decision on which rates are accepted still lies with the employer. 

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