Locate a Locum Cancellation Policy is as follows: 


  1. A Locum Applicant may withdraw its Application at any time prior to receiving confirmation of a booking.
  2. However, If a booking has been confirmed the locum must provide at least four weeks notice if they wish to cancel a booking.  Locums cancelling shifts will incur a strike as follows:
  • You will receive 1 strike if you cancel within 28 days of the shift. 
  • You will receive 2 strikes if you cancel within 3 days of a shift or if you fail to attend a shift. 
  • Having 3 strikes will lead to a review on your account and a decision will be made on whether or not your account will be suspended.

Strikes will stay on your account for a duration 6 weeks

For locum booking cancellations, the following procedure is to be followed: 

  • The Locum must contact Locate a Locum to notify of the proposed cancellation. This should be by a written email request. 
  • Locate a Locum will ask the locum for the reason of shift cancellation.
  • Locums must be told that cancellations will be shown on the locums profile and may effect pharmacy employers booking a locum in the future.
  • If any locum is found to be abusing the cancellation policy, locate a locum will remove the locum from using our service. 
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