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Adding New Bank Staff
Adding New Bank Staff

How to add new bank staff

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  1. Share your personal landing page as part of your usual recruitment drive so candidates can register their interest to become part of your bank staff list.{your-company-name}/landing

If an uninvited individual tries to sign up to your bank, the employer will receive an email to inform that someone is registering an interest to sign up and join.

All information will be captured within the email. Navigate to your manager tabs within your cog menu.

2. Navigate to 'Job Types' tab on the 'Company Manager' page. Add name which includes the wording “bank staff - {enter job role here}”

3. Select the job type from the dropdown (this will change depending on your company sector).

4. Select the access level an individual with that job role should have (employee, employer for manager roles etc).

Tick the checkbox (as below) if you would always like that individual to appear in your rota even if they don’t have any shifts assigned for that week.

5. The colour is customisable so everything is colour coded in your rota for easier readability.

  • The number input will determine in what order employers appear in the rota, if a large number is picked randomly, individuals with that job type will always appear at the bottom of your rota.

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