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How to Add New Employees & Bank Staff
How to Add New Employees & Bank Staff

How to Add New Users

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  1. Navigate to the 'Cog' icon and select users in the drop-down menu

2. This will display all Users on the platform along with tehir job roles. Here you simply click 'Add User' (below)

3. Here you can input the details of the new member of staff

  • Here you can input various details:

Job Type: This will dictate the user's roles (displayed on the Rota)

Access Rights: This will determine the users platform privileges - ie what they can and can't do

Annual Leave: This is where you allocate leave allowances to a particular user (these will also default setting)

Adding Bank Staff

To add Bank staff you follow the same process as above but first, you must ensure you have added a specific job Type for Bank Workers eg Bank Staff - Health Care Assistant

You can find out how to do in the following Article: 'Adding a Job Type'

  • When adding Bank Staff the user will receive an email from which they can log in - the user will be prompted to set a new password when they access their account via this email. They can then log in using that password from then on.

  • If a Bank User can’t access their account, they can click 'forgot password.' Or the employer can reset their password in the user details modal.

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