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How to claim mileage and other expenses
How to claim mileage and other expenses

This article aims to help guide you through the process of claiming mileage and other expenses

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Once you log into your locum profile the below screen will appear:

From here select ‘My Shifts’ which is located in the taskbar on the top of the page to display the below page:

You’ll note in the above screen the ability to filter shifts by Company or Dates by using the drop-down options provided. You can also select the tabs on the left-hand side to view only shifts that have been ‘Cancelled’ ‘Rejected’ ‘Negotiations' ‘Applications’, ‘Booked Shifts’ & ‘Worked Shifts’.

Once you have located the relevant shift, in the ‘Actions’ column select the ‘View’ option. Once selected the following screen will display:

To add an expense select the ‘Add Expense’ icon displayed in the top left of the above screenshot. Once selected the below screen will display:

Here you can now select ‘Mileage’ as your ‘Expense Type’ by selecting on the drop-down menu before selecting the relevant option. Once ‘Mileage’ has been selected the amount will automatically generate as displayed below:

At this stage, you can also upload a receipt or free text into the ‘Notes’ section provided before selecting ‘Save New Expense’ to save the changes made.

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