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How to Clock-in without a shift
How to Clock-in without a shift
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  1. This is a feature that must be enabled by employers. To begin, navigate to the 'cog' icon and click on 'Clock-in' settings on the drop-down menu

2. You will then be presented with the below screen. Under 'General' settings simply click the check-box to 'Allow Clock-ins without a shift'

3. To enable this feature for specific locations employers must then click on 'Time & Attendance' on the main navigation menu and then click 'Lock as Terminal' (figure 2)

  • This will generate the Location Modal allowing you to select locations that employees will be able to cook in to without shifts

4. Once successfully enabled, employees will see the below screen once they enter their employee number in the normal way. As you can see there is no scheduled shift displayed.

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