What is My Locum Diary?

Managing your locum shifts and your flexible work life has never been easier, thanks to this week's spotlight feature. The locum diary assists you with keeping your locum life on track. Designed specifically to help you manage your bookings and holidays, it allows you to track your time and work more effectively. This also helps employers know immediately whether you are available to work.

How does it work?

The locum diary enables you to view your schedule a month at a time. Enter events to your diary, such as marking days you are unavailable or are on holiday, enabling you and employers to keep track of when you're free to work, Meaning you can finally say goodbye to those unwanted calls when you're not available. Check out our quick demo of how to use your locum diary below!

What are the benefits of using My Locum Diary?

Better Time Management:

By having a digital diary that is more accessible and less complicated, you can organise your time and your life with ease! Our locum diary feature also ensures you don’t make the common mistake of double booking - saving you both face and time.

Estimate your income:

By regularly using your locum diary, It should put you in better control of your finances, by showing you the total earnings of your shifts that month. You can immediately see whether you need to take on more shifts, or can afford to make a pricey purchase - we’ll do the maths so you don’t have to.

Highlighting your availability:

Once upon a time, it was impossible for employers or our locum coordinators to know when you might be unavailable or on holiday, but with the locum diary, this problem vanishes. Now employers and locum coordinators can check your diary to see what days you are available to work, if you're unavailable we will know not to contact you which can only mean one thing, no more unwanted calls when you're on holiday!

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