To enable employees to clock-in without a shift, you will need to navigate to the ‘Cog’ icon located on the top right-hand side of the below screenshot:

Once you select the ‘Cog’ icon the following drop-down menu will appear:

At this stage you will select ‘Clock-In Settings’, the following screen will then display:

At this stage you must click on ‘General’, once selected you will see the checkbox option to ‘Allow Clock-In Without Shift?’. Click the checkbox before saving your changes by selecting the green ‘Save’ button.

To enable this feature for specific locations, employers must click on the ‘Time and Attendance’ tab on the top right of the main navigation menu. Once selected the below screen will appear:

From here you will select the option to ‘Lock as Terminal’ as displayed below:

Once selected the following screen will appear. Here you must select the relevant location that you wish to create a terminal for before selecting the green ‘Lock as Terminal’ button:

Once successfully enabled, employees will see the below screen once they enter their employee number in the normal way. As you can see there is no scheduled shift displayed:

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