1. Once logged in to your locum profile, navigate to your profile by clicking on the 'avatar' on the top right.

2. The first thing you will see is the top panel, which tells you your progress. It is important to complete your prole to 100% to give yourself the best chance of winning shifts.

To update your profile photo, simply click on your default avatar and select a photo from file (or phone if you are completing via the app).

This will reveal the upload modal.

3. To update Professional Details, Essential Documents, Acreditations and Computer Systems, simply naviagte through the pannels and. complete the details

  • There may be the necessity to upload documents (Essential Documents) - you will need these to get Approved.

4. Adding Bank Details - In order to get Paid you will need to add your bank detials. To do this;

- Navigate to the 'Bank Details' tab on the left

- Eneter all labelled fields with your details

- Press Save to update your profile

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