Once you log into your locum profile, you will need to navigate to the ‘Find Shifts’ drop-down located on the top left-hand side of the below screenshot.

Once you select the drop-down menu, you will have the option to view ‘Locum Jobs’ or ‘Stay Always’ as displayed below:

At this point you will select ‘Locum Jobs’ this will then display the following screen:

You will note at this point you are able to filter the available shifts by Job Type, Date & Location. You can also manipulate the shifts that display further by deciding whether to display ‘All Shifts’, ‘New Shifts’, ‘Worked Before’ & ‘Emergencies’.

In addition, you can also organise the shifts displayed by utilising the ‘Sort By’ drop down and selecting from the following options ‘Start Date - Ascending’, ‘Date Added’ & ‘Rate - Descending’.

Each shift will display as shown in the below screenshot:

At this point, if you wish to apply for the shift you can select ‘Quick Apply’. If selected at this stage you will see the following message appear:

Alternatively, if you’d like to view additional information regarding the shift prior to applying you can select ‘View More’. Doing so will take you to the following screen:

Once you’ve reviewed the additional information associated with the shift you can then apply for the shift by clicking on the green ‘Apply’ button located directly under the map. Once this has been selected, the display will then update to the below screenshot:

At this point you can also select ‘What’s Next?’ to view the below screenshot:

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