Paydens - Registering and getting paid

This article contains information on registering with Paydens and how to get paid after you work your shift.

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Before you work your locum shift it is good practice to contact the pharmacy beforehand to introduce yourself, ask if they have any specific tasks that need to be completed and confirm that you are set up to work with them.

Before your shift:

Locums must complete the bank details form (only required after your first shift)

After your shift a claim form needs to be completed and emailed to

After your shift - getting paid:

Any shifts completed PRIOR to 01 August 2023 will be paid in the usual way. eg - payment cut off 12noon Wednesday 28th June - payment will be received Tuesday 4th July

Any hours submitted after 26th July will be paid on 11th August

Any expense submitted after 26th July will be paid on 25th August.

Any shifts completed ON OR AFTER 01 August 2023 will be paid for slightly



All hours will be paid according to the system automatically. Every Monday

payment for the hours worked will be processed with remittance advices going out on the Wednesday evening. Payment will be then be in your account on the Friday of that week.

** Please note that when a pharmacy physically closes and locks the door for

lunch this will be an unpaid lunch break. Likewise if there are two

pharmacists on site there is a 1hr unpaid lunch break for each pharmacist.

Paydens do request that if you are the sole RP that during your break you remain

on the premises and available to staff if needed and this break will be paid for. Payment is not made for any breaks when the pharmacist leaves the premises **


Expenses will be paid in the last payment of each month (ie the last Friday

of each month.)

Any expense needs to be submitted on the new invoice form. All

mileage must be specified. All public transport and parking must have

supporting evidence submitted with it. Any form of taxi will not be paid

without the prior agreement.

Please note travel time is not paid.

All expense claims must be made within three months of the shift.

**Paydens reserve the right to refuse to pay any claims outside of this time frame.**


Any services you complete will be automatically paid by the 15th of the

month in a separate payment run paid directly into your bank account.

Every service completed is ALWAYS assigned to the pharmacist who did it a cross reference system in place to make sure of this. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the service is correctly recorded so that it can be claimed from the NHS.

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