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Independent Pharmacies - Registering and getting paid
Independent Pharmacies - Registering and getting paid

This article contains information on registering with independent pharmacies and how to get paid after you work your shift.

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Before you work your locum shift it is good practice to contact the pharmacy beforehand to introduce yourself, ask if they have any specific tasks that need to be completed and confirm that you are set up to work with them.

Getting paid after you complete your locum pharmacy shift

  • Leave an invoice in-store to be processed by the pharmacy manager

  • You can also email Locate a Locum with invoice details

  • From time to time pharmacy managers and employers may also add additional payment instructions in the ‘Additional Information' section of the shift

  • Locate a Locum does not pay you directly but we do all we can to ensure a smooth process for all our locums

  • If you are having any issues at all please click on the chat button on the bottom right and we’ll help you

Download our locum invoice template

We have created a useful invoice template for locums to use. Make sure you have a consistent invoice template to help you keep track of all your finances. Download the locum invoice template here.

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