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INDEPENDENT PHARMACIES - Registering & Getting Paid
INDEPENDENT PHARMACIES - Registering & Getting Paid
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Before your shift

  • It's good practice to call the pharmacy you're booked in to before your shift to make sure there isn't anything you need.

After your shift - Getting Paid

  • Leave an invoice in store or you can email Locate a Locum with invoice details

From time to time pharmacy managers and employers may also add additional payment instructions in the ‘Additional Information’ section of the shift. We have also created a handy invoice template for locums to use. Making sure you have a consistent invoice template can help you keep track of all your finances.

Whilst Locate a Locum does not pay you directly we do all we can to ensure a smooth process for all our locums If you are having any issues at all please contact us on 020 7859 4613 and we’ll help you.

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