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Meet Locum Success Consultant Sammy Chan

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At Locate a Locum, we have a dedicated team of Locum Success Consultants who manage different regions in the United Kingdom. The role of the Locum Success Consultant is to support you, the locum optometrist, in your career journey with us. We can assist with registering for essential documents, wage queries, store updates and any shift queries you may have.

Job Title: Locum Success Consultant - Optometry

Tell us how long you have been working for Locate a Locum: 5 years

Tell us about your favourite part of the job: The ability to speak to the locums I am working with and really build a professional relationship to help them have a good work-life balance.

Tell us which region you support: South England

Tell us about the services you can provide to locums: Upcoming shifts in their area, and shifts that would be suited to them. Ability to negotiate on their behalf. Help them chase payment if needed. Answer any question they have about LAL or a company they wish to work with.

Tell us what advice you would give someone interested in becoming a locum: Ensure there are enough regular shifts available in your area, taking into consideration the max distance you would be comfortable with travelling. Ensure you do your research regarding becoming a locum first, getting your own insurance and police checks etc.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about getting started with Locate a Locum and want to start booking high-paying locum optometrist shifts with us, please contact sammy@locatealocum.com.

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