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Benefits of being represented by Locate a Locum when booking shifts
Benefits of being represented by Locate a Locum when booking shifts

Learn more about the benefits of working via LaL

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Using Locate a Locum does not mean that you are necessarily represented by us when booking locum optometry shifts. You may be represented by an external agency or company and this can be confusing. To alleviate some of this confusion, we've put together what it's like working with LaL to find shifts so you can choose who you'd prefer to work with.

Please see below the benefits of being represented by Locate a Locum:

  1. Best Variety of Shifts on the Market: As a LAL locum you have access to the best variety of shifts on the market. We have 50,000+ shifts live on the platform at any time, with over 8,000 pharmacies posting shifts ranging from independents to large chains. You’ll always be able to find a shift that suits you.

  2. Personal Support to Maximise Booking Success: Our Locum Success Team is also on hand to support you in maximising success in booking the number of shifts you want to work.

  3. First Line Locum Support: As a LAL locum you have access to our first line support desk as a single point of contact for all the shifts you work through us. Our Support Team are on hand to help you with any queries regarding shifts, payment support or getting registered with different clients.

  4. Level Up Rewards: As a LAL locum you get automatic access to our Level Up Rewards programme. We have already paid out over £30k worth of rewards this year. Level Up includes rewards such as cashback, high street discounts, reimbursement towards locum costs, vouchers and more!

If you're unsure of whether you're LaL or agency represented please email and a member of the team will be able to advise you.

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