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Why does my shift not have any applications?
Why does my shift not have any applications?

I have posted shifts but haven't had any applications yet, what can I do to attract locums?

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There could be a number of reasons for a shift not receiving any applications yet...

Locums are booked up
The further away the shift is to today's date, the more likely it is to get filled. The reason for this is because locums tend to book their shifts in advance so that they have guaranteed income. Although it isn't always possible, we advise posting shifts as far in advance as possible to help avoid this. 

The rate is too low
Rates vary up and down the country, and in the areas where there are less pharmacists, the hourly rate is higher and your shift needs to reflect this. If the shift is coming up in a few days, you may find that you will need to offer an increased rate in order to entice a locum to apply for the shift, the same can be said for shifts during peak seasons such as Eid & Christmas - this is supply and demand based. 

You don't offer milage or other allowances
Outside of major cities, we find that a lot of our pharmacies will offer a milage allowance to the locum in order to pay for some of their travel expenses and other costs. This will mostly be either a supplement for every mile travelled to the shift (around 30p per mile usually) or a reimbursement for the cost of public transport. For some shifts in extremely hard to fill areas, meal allowances are even offered! 

If you have any more questions, just drop us a message using the chat button on the bottom right and we'll be happy to answer them. 

The easiest way to get your shifts filled though is to post them as far in advance, so no time like the present...

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