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How does Locate a Locum work?

What is Locate a Locum and how does the system work? How do I book a locum?

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Locate a Locum is an online booking platform which allows pharmacies to connect directly with a marketplace of over 5000 locums across the UK and secure cover in a matter of seconds. 

Posting and booking shifts couldn't be any easier...

  1. Go to the publish your gaps page

  2. Select the branch

  3. Click on the dates you want to post (click the date again to edit the shift information)

  4. Click publish 

At this point, locums who have your branch within their catchment area are then notified and can apply for the shift. Once they apply for a shift you will be instantly notified.

To book the locum simply...

  1. View the shift with applicants

  2. View the profile cards of the locum and check that their accreditations match up with your needs (you can also view their full profile by clicking their name)

  3. Click book on the locum you want in your store

And that's it! You are in full control of who you book out of our locum marketplace. All locums go through our compliance checks in order to ensure they meet both ours and your standards. So if you want to get rid all of the hassle and save money in the process then start posting shifts today...

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