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Locate a Locum Cancellation Policy: Employers
Locate a Locum Cancellation Policy: Employers

Locum Cancellation policy: help and guidance (March 2020)

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Locate a Locum Cancellation Policy is as follows: 


1.Pharmacies may cancel a shift at any point until any Applicant’s details have been sent to the Pharmacy’s. 

If a locum has applied for a shift and the pharmacy wishes o cancel, the service fee may still apply.

  1. If a booking has been confirmed the pharmacy must provide at least four weeks notice if they wish to cancel a booking.

For locum booking cancellations, the following procedure is to be followed: 

  • Pharmacy must contact Locate a Locum to notify of the proposed cancellation. This should be by a written email request. 

  • Locate a Locum will ask the pharmacy  for the reason of shift cancellation and if a branch change for the locum  is possible. 

  • If any pharmacy is found to be abusing the cancellation policy, locate a locum may also remove the pharmacy from using our service. 

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