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Employers - Signing up & Getting started

This step by step guide will help you through the sign up process and posting your first shift to the locum marketplace

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  1. To sign up as a pharmacy, navigate to to the Locate a Locum Sign Up page (

2. Here you will complete some essential details to get create your Locate a Locum account - once completed you will see this screen and be asked to 'Log In' 

3. Once logged back in using the credentials input on the 'Employer Sign Up' page you will see the below platform.

4. In order to post your first shift (GAP) you will first be required to add details of your branch/branches

5. Simply click on the 'Add Branch' Button, this will generate the below pop-up where you can input Branch Details (Address), Opening Times, Rates and any additional notes, for instance computer systems that a locum may be required to use. 

6. Once created the Branch will appear on the list of branches ( IMG 1 - below). Now you must assign yourself as the coordinator of the Branch in order to post your first GAP. 

To do this, navigate to the 'Users' tab (IMG 2- below) then click on the cog icon

(IMG - 1)

(IMG - 2)

7. Clicking on the cog icon will generate a user pop-up. Now, navigate to the 'Locations' tab and selected the relevant Branch from the drop down list. 

8. Now you can post a shift* (GAP) by navigation to the Post a Gap menu header on the main page navigation 

*Shifts will only be posted live to our Locum marketplace once your profile is approved - this will be completed once our compliance team complete a short validation call with the account holder

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