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Booking Leave as an Employee
Booking Leave as an Employee

How To Guide

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  1. Navigate to the 'Leave' tab on your profile in the main navigation.

  • Here you will be presented with the below screen

  • This screen shows your holiday balance split by days 'Pending', 'Approved' and 'Remaining'

2. To 'Request Leave' simply navigate to the blue 'Request Leave' button

  • A pop up will appear allowing employees to add a holiday request

  • Once Date, Time and Holiday type have been input employees will have to click the 'Create Entries' button

  • The request will then be sent to the employee's manager

How to request a weeks leave/multi-day leave period:

If you need to request a full weeks holiday, it is important to ensure that the hrs you request, tally up to your contracted hrs for that week, so you don’t use up more additional hrs of your holiday allowance.

  • Use the type dropdown picker to choose what leave type you are requesting.

  • On the days you would typically work, choosing a leave type of ‘holiday’, will deduct those hrs from your remaining balance. Ensure the hrs you request as a holiday, tally up with your contracted weekly hrs.

  • On the days you would not typically work or that would be over your contracted hrs, these days should be requested as a non-deductible leave type so you do not lose hrs from your remaining balance. For these days, you would choose a holiday type of ‘not working’ to let your employer know you are still unavailable to work on those days.

  • Once you have finished adding and editing your leave entries, click the ‘create entries’ button to send your leave requests to your manager.

  • Back on the main leave page (below), you can look at your pending leave list to view all pending requests, including the ones you have just submitted. Your approved leave balance and the approved leave list will update once your manager has approved your request. Note, leave requests may also be declined at your manager's discretion.

Example scenario:

  • For example, say you typically work 22.5hrs a week over 3 days, to request a weeks holiday you would submit a leave request for each day of the week. Click the add day button for each of the

3. A summary of requested leave will then appear on the main screen (below) - these will be displayed by the status and time period filters selected.

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