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How to use the Rate Negotiation Feature - Employers
How to use the Rate Negotiation Feature - Employers

A step-by-step guide on how to use the rate negotiation feature.

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Firstly, when on the ‘Shifts’ tab you must navigate to the tab titled ‘Applicants’ once selected the below screen will display:

From this screen, we can see a negotiation has taken place as the ‘Applied Rate’ is ‘£25’ whereas the ‘Original Rate’ was only £19. If you click on the ‘Shift Date’ the following screen will display:

Here you will be able to view any applicants that have applied for this shift. If you select ‘View Negotiation’ the following screen will appear:

This will give you the ability to ‘Reject’ or ‘Accept’ the negotiated rate. ‘Accept’ will update the shift rate based on the negotiated rate and book in the locum. ‘Reject’ will open the below modal:

At this stage, you can edit the ‘Proposed Rate’ to suggest an alternative rate. If the counter offer is accepted by the Locum, they’ll automatically be booked in for that shift.

You’ll also be able to check the ‘Add A Note’ check box, this will display a free text box giving you the option to elaborate on your reason for rejecting the negotiation.

You can also check the ‘Final Proposed Rate’ to prevent any further negotiations should the Locum not be willing to accept the revised rate.

Once you’re happy with the information populated, select the green ‘Send Request’ button.

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