From your home screen, on the navigation bar on the top left-hand side of your screen, select ‘People’ to display the below screen:

Here you can filter the people that display by searching by name or email or by selecting the ‘User Type’. You can also select the ‘Add Filter’ option to add an additional filter from the list provided.

Once you have located the locum you wish to block then select their name as this is a hyperlink that will allow you to view their profile.

Once you’ve selected the user’s name the following screen will display:

On this screen, you must select the tab titled ‘Settings & Instant Book’, located on the left-hand side of the above screenshot.

Once you’ve selected the ‘Settings & Instant Book’ you’ll then be able to update the ‘Candidate Status’ by selecting on the drop-down menu before selecting the option for ‘Blocked’ as displayed below:

You are then required to select the green ‘Save Changes’ button in order for the changes to take effect.

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