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Employer cancellation process

Employer cancellation process

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To cancel a shift from the ‘Shifts’ screen you will need to navigate to your ‘Booked Shifts’ section on your profile. Once selected the below screen will display:

You can manipulate the shifts that display at this stage by utilising the filterable options available such as Date Range, Job Type & Region. In addition, you can add further filters by selecting the ‘Add Filter’ option.

Once you have located the shift you wish to cancel, click on the date as this is a hyperlink that will bring up the full shift details:

Once the date hyperlink has been clicked the below screen will appear:

You’ll see on the top right of the screen the

icon, if you select this the following screen will appear:

Prior to confirming the cancellation of the shift, you must first provide a ‘Cancellation Reason’ from the available drop-down menu. Once selected you MUST utilise the ‘Additional Information’ text box to elaborate on your reason for cancellation. Failure to populate the ‘Additional Information’ section can result in a delay in the approval of your cancellation request. Once populated select ‘Confirm’.

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