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How to Create/Invite a New Locum
How to Create/Invite a New Locum

A step-by-step guide on creating/inviting a new locum.

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Once you log into your profile, you will need to navigate to the ‘People’ tab located on the top left-hand side of the below screenshot.

Once you select the ‘People’ tab the following screen will appear:

On this screen you will see the green ‘Add New User’ drop down, if you select it the following options will appear:

At this stage, you will select ‘Add New Locum’. Once selected the following screen will appear:

From here you can manually input the relevant details for the new Locum such as ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Email’, etc. Once the relevant details have been updated you’ll have the option to select ‘Add Locum’.

Alternatively, you can share the link for your company's landing page with Locums allowing them to register to work directly with your company. The below screenshot gives an example of the landing page the Locum will see if they click the link:

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